Monday, March 14, 2011

SMS Frithjof

Today, I will report on the history of the SMS Frithjof, a coast defense ship of the Siegfried class built for the Kaiserlichmarine( a bit unexpected, isn't it?). She was built in 1891-2 and was one of the first modern battleships built for the German Navy, along with her sister ships and the Brandenburg class. She served in the Baltic as a relatively short-ranged vessel. Decommisioned in the fall of 1919, she had served through the First World War seeing no major action. After the war, she was bought by a Hamburg shipowner along with the ships of the Odin class and wass converted to a cargo ship. She was sold for scrap in 1930. Follow the link to see an excellent model of Frithjof's sister ship, Beowulf: .Press up to see some more pictures.

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