Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Number thirteen class and The Hoods that never were

In this the third episode of my series, I will talk about the Number thirteen class, the first Japanese warship with a planned 18 inch armament, and the Admiral class of British battlecruisers. First, the Japanese ships. The #13s were to have a planned armament of eight 18-inch guns in four twin turrets, the first Japanese battleships to be so powerfully armed. They were the counter to the planned British N3 class battleships. They would have been heavily armored, but they probably would have been quite fast as well. The Admiral class of British battlecruisers were planned before Jutland, and thus were not armored heavily enough. There were to have been four ships of the class, each armed with eight 15-inch guns in the same layout as the #13s. Their names were to be Anson, Howe, Rodney and the famous(and infamous) Hood, the only one of the lot to be completed. The Hood was fast but very lightly armored, a fact that would have disastrous consequences. But I'll save that for next time... 

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