Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Game!

Most of you will probably believe that I am insane after reading this post. The reason will probably be the fact that I like to set up little green army men and knock them down. Usually, this is done with friends who make little fortresses of their own, each one trying to destroy the other's army, but this has its problems. One of these is the lack of formalized rules. Another is that it is up to the player to decide what their fortress looks like and to choose the troops in their army. But, I thought to myself, what would happen if the scenarios and troop formations were taken from a historical context? So, I have envisioned something of the sort involving 12 battles, including two test battles( this would involve formalized rules, of course). They would be: Test campaigns: Lexington and Concord. Regular campaigns: Boyne, Blenheim, Saratoga, Jena, Auerstedt, Quatre-Bras( a lead-up battle to waterloo between the French and the Anglo-Dutch), Shiloh, Antietam,Chicamauga, and the seige of Port Arthur. Note that none of these battles involve tanks or air units. I am exited about trying out the test scenarios, and have high hopes for it working. Signing out, Christopher.

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