Monday, January 17, 2011

The Tosas and Amagis

Continuing on with the canceled battleships of the Wash. Treaty, we find ourselves looking over the hulks of the Tosa and Amagi classes. These Japanese ships were of a similar design but of a slightly different layout, and the first class I will deal with are the Amagis. They were actually battlecruisers, and thus had the lighter armor and greater speed that that status implies. The Navy was going to arm them with ten 16 inch guns in five twin turrets.But, on their canceling, the Navy was allowed to convert them to carriers. So, the Akagi and her sister Amagi were slated to be carriers instead of battlecruisers. Which brings us to the Tosas. These ships had a similar layout to the Amagis, the primary exterior differences being that the Tosas were battleships,and thus had all the presteige associated with that type, and that their Q turrets were a deck or two lower than that of the other class. They were slated to be destroyed when a peculiar thing happened. During a huge earthquake, the Amagi was destroyed beyond repair and the navy had to find something else to be a carrier. So, with nothing else to really chose from, the Kaga was saved from proposed destruction, and completed as a carrier. But that's another story and another post.

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