Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Washington coup

In 1921, the world was locked in a naval arms race that posed an even bigger threat than that of 1914. Germany had been destroyed by world war one, and Britain had been nearly bankrupted. And yet she was sucked into an even greater arms race than before. On one side was the burgeoning power of the United States, and on the other was the then-allied nations of Britain and Japan, whose alliance was vital for both countries. Then, that year, the proposed winner of the race, America, formulated a treaty to limit naval arms! This was a carefully concocted document that would leave the U.S. as the world's leading naval power. The aim of this was to break Britain's alliance, causing civil turmoil in Japan and causing Britain to lose her eastern ally. These goals were achieved by the 5-5-3 ratio, in the order Britain ,US, Japan. Britain, although allotted an equal fleet to the US, had a much larger empire, so her fleet was mitigated. Japan had much less land than the USA, so the US gave Japan a smaller fleet. The Americans, however only had land on one continent, and the only major threat to her integrity was in the far east, so we were able to concentrate our forces on Japan.

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