Monday, November 22, 2010

HMS Audacious, The Titanic's sister ship, and the first (and most embarrassing) British naval disaster of the First World War

On the 27 of October, 1914, the Battleship HMS Audacious struck a mine while on gunnery exercises. The King George V class battleship soon started to settle by the stern. Her captain thought that if towed, the ship could be beached. The problem with this was that there were no ships big enough to do so, as they had retired for fear of submarine attack! when a suitable ship finally arrived ( White Star's Olympic, sister ship of Titanic ), it was too late. when Olympic tried to take the battleship in tow, the cable broke, and soon the Audacious was abandoned, her full compliment being taken on board the Olympic. Although no lives were lost, the sinking was very embarrassing, and the admiralty tried to keep it a secret in spite of the American passengers of Olympic who had seen it happen! Even though everyone knew about the accident, the admiralty kept her on the Navy rolls for the remainder of the war.

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