Friday, November 19, 2010

Combat Flight Simulator 3

CFS3, by Microsoft gaming studios, is one of my favorite games. You can play as Britain, USA or Germans. In Campaign mode, you start out in early 1943,with the allies on the verge of invasion. As a British or American player, your goal is to invade the continent and go on to Berlin. But watch out, if you fail to complete too many of your goals, the Germans might invade Britain! As a German player, you will try to do just that, London being the goal this time around. One of the more annoying aspects is the glitches. Sometimes, the goals will take a long time to appear, and other times, they don't even show up at all! This is a fun and exiting game, and although it can sometimes be tricky, things like the front line make this one of my all time favorites. If you are a lover of easy to figure out games like the Mario series, this game is not necessarily for you. But if you like flight simulators, or are simply a history buff, you might just like it.

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