Friday, October 1, 2010

My Original Naval annals

I mentioned them in the last post, but did not actually tell anything about them(The Finnish Archipelago Fleet may be exiting, but I decided not to write about it today). They are patterned around a constant state of war between two countries, The Dreetan State( capital: Fort Augsburg) and the Great and Powerful Empire of the Cronans ( Capital: Cronansburg). The two fleets ( the fleet for D. S. and the Tagus Marinus for the G.P.E.C.), constantly clash in little and big trafalgars, the last of which being the Battle of the Gulf, all happening in support of the armies. The fleets have many battleships. Strangely, instead of making sand castles in my sandbox like normal people, I make sand ships and sand fleets! And that is all.

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