Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Kniaz Suvarov's bizzare escapade

The Kniaz Suvarov ( Suvarov for short) was a Russian battleship of the Borodino class, a disasterous class of modern pre-dreadnoughts that, through bad handling and Japanese gunnery,saw all four of its units present captured or sunk at the Tsushima Strait. The Suvarov, flagship of the Russian fleet, came under fire first, quickly turning into a blazing mess along with another battleship, the Oslyabya,which was the first modern battleship sunk by gunfire alone. Her commander mortally wounded and her admiral, Rozhestvensky, lying dead on her deck, the Suvarov, with blown off steering gear, twirled through the battle. At points when ships were being annihilated the strange sight of a burning battleship blindly floated past. At last, the Japanese turned their attentions back to the Suvarov, sending torpedo boats after her and sending her to the bottom so fast that to my knoledge, no one escaped.

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