Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the ship by Bjorn Landstrom

This is a very good book. I obtained it from the Lakeway library, liked it, and got my hands on a copy. It is about the development of ships throughout the ages, much like my battleships series of posts. It is organized from Sail to Steam. Examples are taken from each century and examined. The book has limited space and thus cannot go into every type with great detail, particularly towards the twentieth century and the end of the book. It is also rather old, being made in 1961. It has been very inspiring and is perhaps my best overall reference. Its pictures may also have inspired my own original Naval annals. It has a good section about sixteenth-seventeenth century ships. It is probably the only book that I own with a section about the Finnish Archipelago fleet.

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  1. The title of the book ("The Ship" should have been capitalized, and put in quotes or italicized (don't know how hard that is to do in a blogger title). Instead of "being made in 1961", I would have written, "having been written in 1961" (because you *write* a book). The reference to the "Finnish Archipelago fleet" is very interesting but it's not clear what it means; a link or an brief explanation would be helpful.

    That all said, this is a very nice capsule summary of the book.