Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Timeline of Tanks, pt. 1

Let's start with the earliest tanks. Little Willie is the first tank, and thus the ancestor of all tanks( except the lozenge tanks, they will be dealt with in a later post). Next in the line of development is the Renault FT 17, the first tank to go into production with a revolving turret. Then the line splits into three parts, one being the French Infantry support tanks which were designed using the same doctrine through the 30s. This line was killed by the German invasion. The second line was the British half-breeds, using experience with Whippet mediums as well as improvements from FT 17s. These led to the Infantry tanks and combining with the Cruiser line developed into the Centurion, and thus to modern British tanks, making this second line the only one to survive into the 21st century. The third line was the American tanks developed as prototypes in the 20s and 30s, eventually leading to the M3 and M4, both of which were designed using similar principals to the British and Japanese.

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