Monday, July 26, 2010

Uncle Sam's Dreadnoughts

In 1905 the USN authorized the construction of two all big gun battleships before the Dreadnought. These ships, North Carolina and Michigan, were four years building when finally completed in 1909-10. Soon, the USN had completed its dreadnoughts laid down after them, and soon had six. The Wyoming class that came next had one more turret than the Delawares and the improved Floridas, making for a six turret layout. The following New York class were completed in 1914 and authorized in 1910, so if one counts a ships history from authorization day onward, the Texas is 100 years old. The USN built five classes of dreadnoughts armed with 14-inch guns, among them the New Yorks. The West Virginia class had its last member quelled by the Washington Treaty of 1921.

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