Friday, July 2, 2010


On May 27, 1905, a huge Russian fleet steamed through the mist off the coast of Korea, where unbeknown to them a Japanese fleet lay in anticipation of battle. The two countries had been at war for over a year, and the Russians were sailing for Vladivostok to replenish their pacific fleet, which, although it was more powerful had been almost totally destroyed. Soon the battle-squadron, with the battleship Kniaz Suvorov leading the first division, Oslyabya leading the second, and Nicolas 1 leading the third, was met by the Japanese. First, the Mikasa and Asashi zeroed in on the Suvorov, the rest engaging Oslyabya, which was quickly set on fire. She was the first battleship of the Modern Era to be sunk entirely by gunfire. Worse, admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky aboard the Suvorov was wounded, throwing the Russian fleet into disorder. The Japanese, however, still had full command in their fleet and eventually sank most if not all of the Russian Battleships.

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