Friday, July 16, 2010

Jutland: the battlecruiser is dropped... for the time being

Off Denmark in 1916, a ship called Invincible was hit on its P-turret, starting a fire that spread to her magazines. The ship was blown in half, the two torn ends resting on the seabed, their points sticking out of the water like steel icebergs. Eventually, the pieces came to rest in their entirety on the seabed, the A- turret's roof blown completely off. For many, the four battlecruisers sunk during the course of the huge battle mark the beginning of the end for the concept. But there is a catch. one of four light battlecruisers under construction, Furious, was taken in hand for a series of modifications that would change history. But the effect upon the battleship was, on the outside, minimal. No Dreadnoughts had been lost by either side. But there's the rub. battleship-versus-battleship combat, with the addition of the dreadnought factor, is indecisive unless one side drastically outnumbers the other. With combat between battleships and the descendants of Furious the results would be different. The dome was broken. That was the effect of Jutland.

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