Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Glass Dome

Apart from Jutland, most of the Naval Engagements were fought between Battlecruisers in the First World War, thus keeping alive the notion of Battleships as the supreme weapons. This also preserved the idea that Battleship warfare could affect the balance of war. There had been minor actions, like the encounter between Yavuz Sultan Selim ( a Turkish Battlecruiser) and the pre-dreadnought Russian Black Sea Fleet. Also, a British pre-dreadnought was briefly involved in the Battle of the Falklands. At the Dardanelles, Allied Battleships pounded Turkish Forts. But it was Jutland that, if those who were totally obsessed with the idea were right, would decide the Naval War 1914-18, and as it turned out its results would shatter the dome of supposed invincibility that shrouded the big gun.

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