Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Challenge of a Continent

In 1865, the United States had one of the most powerful fleets in the world. But it was soon to fall into ruin in the wake of the violent tearing apart and pasting together of the United States. There was more to think about than an oceanic fleet. But it did leave the country open to attack by foreign powers, and even Brazil and Chile had finer ships. But out of the internal struggle the United States had truly been formed as a nation. It has been less than fifty years since the effects of the southern society were finally quelled, and as evil as they were many elements remain with us today. But from all this we emerged a bag of gold sitting on the road, just waiting to be stolen. But in the 1880s, that image changed. We evolved a powerful fleet. And then we felt prepared for anything. Suddenly, in Havana harbor, one of the most powerful ships in the fleet, the battleship Maine, was destroyed by an explosion, taken to be connected to Spanish sabotage. The fire was later found to be a coal dust related accident, but intentional or not it still changed world history. We destroyed the Spanish fleet and took their empire. This was the end of one empire and the beginning of another. The road to the bomb was started. The American Empire had begun.

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