Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Rising Sun

Tsushima: a legendary battle with no less than 8 Russian battleships lost! Combine that with the number of Russian capital ships lost earlier in the war and the grand total comes out to be 15! How did this happen so fast? and who made it happen? Japan was not colonized by Europeans like China and India, so it was very isolationistic. But then, perhaps wanting to grab a valuable piece of Asia for itself, the USA sent over commodore Perry to open up Japan to trade and Colonization. His only mistake was to bring steam frigates! The Japanese, being a culture with Samurai couldn't get enough of these new weapons! After Perry left, the Shogun tried to keep things the way they had been but failed, civil turmoil eventually leading to the Meiji Uprising and the end of the old way of life. The new emperor had a great desire to modernize Japan, introducing new cutting edge weapons systems unheard of 20 years before, and by the late 1880s they were ready to take on china and win, and win they did. Now they were firmly established as a country not to pick on, Japan started ordering Battleships from the Kings Of Battleships: Vickers and Armstrong and the British steel industry in general. Soon, she would take on Russia in the first pre-dreadnought war: the Russo-Japanese War, a war that would make Battleship history.

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