Friday, June 4, 2010

more on dumb guys

Huggles says tis him coo. He is a Dumb Guy(and he made a cameo appearance in my last post). By this time you may be asking: what is a Dumb Guy? Well, they are very stupid stuffed animals that(I just realized this) can be classified into many groups: first off,the the basic groupings,store bought and homemade. Homemade Dumb guys are sown at home, while the second group is bought at a store or over the internet(duh). BUT, those two groups can be broken up into many smaller groups(My brother's mamegoma Porkins says hi). Speaking of Porkins, let's explain the store bought groups first. the first main group is the Nikkis(mamegoma). it includes True Nikkis and Higgenses. They are Japanese toys(CUTE!!!). The second are the Fofedesmuffs. They include the Desmonds, Fofins and Miffys. The Desmonds include true fwushes and pseudo-fwushes. The Miffys include miffys,cicis and shamoos.This post is long enough to be a two-parter(and my brother wants to use the computer)so I guess that's all for now,Christopher.

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