Monday, June 28, 2010

From Broadside Ironclads to Pre-Dreadnoughts

The Warrior was only the beginning. There would be many more of her type, like Affondatore. Eventually, Broadside Ironclads would change into Battery Ironclads, like Majestic. But this was not the chain of development for modern battleships. That started with Monitor. She fought a duel with Merrimac that I will not go into here. The main reason to mention her was her revolving turrets, meaning her guns could turn without the ship itself also doing so, giving her an advantage over other ships even though she had only two guns. She was the ancestor of such ships as Dreadnought and Yamato. Soon, most navies had picked up the idea and incorporated it into their ships, eventually turning it into the Pre-Dreadnought.

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