Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Great Armada

While the English did not really have any sort of rank, the Spaniards seem to have paid attention to regimentation. Their fleet had Galleons, Carracks, Pataches, Urcas, Galleys, and Galleasses. Today I will examine the first, and most famous, type on the list (which, by the way, comes from the Seafarers about my topic),the Galleon. Sometimes, people do not consider the main Spanish ships to be Galleons. Actually, their Galleons were great warships, and indeed, the explanation of the English caution to attack them (and they were very cautious) could be stemmed from the size of these warships. However,these ships had one fatal flaw. The English ships were much faster than the Spaniards meaning the English ships could pop in and out with ease, their tactic being to let loose their ragged broadsides into the Spanish ships' sterns. Nevertheless, the only Galleons lost were sunk by collision or grounding.

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