Friday, May 28, 2010

I built a lego ship! Well, not totally. But it is doing well! My mom uploaded these photos. Christopher Fact Time! Did you know that the USS Constitution in addition to the Guerriere captured the Java in 1813 and the Cyan and the Levant in 1814? Oh, and yes the 1812 war lasted from 1812(obviously) to 1815. That is all, Christopher.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Christopher Fact Time!

The B-17 is awesome! It's cool and Forties and all! But wait,is it really a Forties airplane? No, the B-17 is actually a product of some of the greatest aeronautical minds of the 1930s. What!? The B-17 is that big WW2 bomber that's all bad-ass! You know, the Flying Fortress! Actually, that's partially true. I said PARTIALLY true. The most famous model, the G, was indeed a Forties model. But the first model,the Boeing Model 299 was made in 1935.That Is All.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jutland Day!

May 29 is Memorial Day.Duh.BUT,May 29 is also Jutland Day!Wait, what!? Jutland Day? What's Jutland Day? Only the 94th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland! The largest battleship fight in history! DUH! You don't know about Jutland Day(or at least I think you don't)? But I'm getting ahead of myself. I should post something about Jutland on Jutland Day, not the eve of the eve of the eve of the eve of Jutland Day! Double Duh! I should be talking about stuff that happened today, not on May 31,1916! I went to my first violin lessons today! It was fun,except for the fact that all I did was hold the violin.(sigh.) Oh yes, and we went to the library! I got lots of books from the Time-Life series The Seafarers. They are about naval history. Duh.(Why do I say Duh so much?) Well, that's about it. Bye for now,Christopher.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bloody 100th

I do not own a Lego B-17. I want to own one but I do not.Them and Libs (B-24s to you and me) were both at Regensburg, at least I believe they were.THIS IS AN INTRODUCTION TO THE AIRPLANES, NOT THE BATTLE.B-24s had 8 crewmembers (at least I believe they did.)B-17s had a crew of 9.Both had four engines.I cannot tell any more because of time difficulties and I deeply apologize for that. THAT IS ALL.


Dunkirk. Dunkirk Dunkirk Dunkirk.What shall I write about Dunkirk? The allied armour was poor before they withdrew, and after that, it went so far as to be non-existent.I own a Lego french tank from the time of Dunkirk.I built it myself a few months ago.It is a Char B1 Bis.

PS.I used the British spelling for "armor".
Tune in later for more on Dunkirk,THAT IS ALL.

Monday, May 24, 2010

70 years ago the Germans stopped their panzer divisions at gravelines, opening a huge gap for the allied forces to go through. This was the true beginning of the Dunkirk operation. My question about this is: why did the germans let them go? I guess we will never know. Speaking of military operations, I made a lego tank a few weeks ago. I also have some ideas about a WW1 biplane out of wire and canvas. THAT IS ALL.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

75th anniversary of the Flying Fortress

The B-17 Flying Fortress was a 4 engine bomber devised in 1935. Its first flight was on July 17, 1935. On July 17 of this year, it will be the 75th anniversary of this flight. Happy Fortress Day!